In June 2014, we had our first tasting. We have always been a caterer as well as a delicatessen, but most people don't think "deli" when they have an event to cater. We thought a tasting would be an excellent way to let our customers know that we do cater, by giving them the opportunity to sample some of our dishes, since most of our catered food is not generally offered on the counter. We were thrilled with the response! Not only did our regulars stop by, but we saw a lot of new faces, many of which have since become "regulars" themselves.


What was intended to be a one-time tasting has since become a popular and fun bi-annual event, with a Spring Tasting

in May and a Holiday Tasting in November. It's our way of saying "thank you" to the Kings Park community and our loyal customers, and the chance for newcomers to taste what we're all about. We serve our famous Sauerbraten at every tasting, but other selections will vary each time. We may offer anything from hot entrees, salads, desserts, and sandwiches, to Boars Head cold cuts, cheeses and drinks. We hope you will stop by at our next Tasting!

You can stay updated with when our next Tasting will be through Facebook, our website,

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Our next Tasting...

Due to COVID-19, our Tastings are currently suspended.
We hope to be able to resume them soon!

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