Breakfast is served until 2:00pm (subject to change on holidays or situational needs).

Served on a kaiser roll

(unless otherwise specified)

or choose your own bread.

Includes choice

 of small drink.


Hero or Wrap (w/3 eggs)  $1.50
Egg*  $.50
Meat  $1.50 (Bacon $2.00)
Any Cheese  $.50
Home Fries  $1.00
Potato Pancake  $2.00
Avocado  $1.00
Butter or Mayo  $.20
Vegetables  $.50 each
(Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach,
Red & Green Peppers, Tomato, Broccoli, Jalapeno or Hot Cherry Peppers)

Favorite Meat Choices






Roast Beef

Canadian Bacon

Taylor Ham

Drink Choices



Orange Juice

Apple Juice

Iced Tea

Iced Coffee


Egg Sandwich Specials*

Two Eggs  $3.99

Two Eggs & Cheese $4.99

Any Meat & Two Eggs  $5.39

Any Meat, Two Eggs & Cheese  $5.89

Western Omelette  $6.39

Two Egg Omelette with Ham, Green & Red Peppers, Onions & American Cheese 

Spanish Omelette  $6.39 

Two Egg Omelette with Green & Red Peppers, Salsa & American Cheese


The "Country Ham"  $5.99

Country Smoked Ham, Two Eggs & Cheddar  

The "Oktoberfest"  $5.89

German Breakfast Bratwurst, Two Eggs & Swiss  

The "Guten Morgen"  $6.29

Turkey, Two Egg Whites, Spinach & Lacey Swiss on Multigrain Bread

The "Hungry Man"  $8.99

Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Three Eggs & American Cheese on a Hero  

Platter Specials

Pancakes  $5.69

Stack of Three

French Toast  $5.69

Three Pieces

Nutella French Toast  $7.49

Two Pieces


Two Eggs*  $1.00
Bacon  $2.00
Sausage  $1.50

Home Fries  $1.50

Includes choice

of small drink.

*This menu item can be cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meat may increase

your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


Old Fashioned Oatmeal  $4.99  (allow 10 minutes)
Add your favorites...brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, chocolate chips, raisins, fruit (based on availability)

Grilled Cheese  $4.00
With Bacon  +$2.00
With Tomato  +$.50

Bacon Sandwich  $5.00
Five Slices of Bacon on choice of toasted bread with butter or mayo

Peanut Butter & Jelly  $3.50
On Choice of Sliced Bread

Edelweiss Lox Special  $6.99
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Tomato & Onion on Choice of Bagel

Bakery (availability varies)

Buttered Roll or Bagel  $2.00

Bagel with Cream Cheese  $3.00

Assorted Jumbo Muffins  $2.50
Apple Turnovers  $2.50

Double Chocolate Brownies  $3.50

Assorted Danishes  $3.00

Black & White Cookies  $2.50
Jumbo Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Cookies  $2.50

Edelweiss Homemade Crumb Cake  $3.50



Our Exclusive Blend (Regular or Decaf),

Hazelnut (available daily), 

or "Flavor of the Day"


Regular, Decaf, Green,

Assorted Other Flavors

Small (12 oz.) $2.00

Large (20 oz.) $2.50 


Homemade Iced Tea 


or Unsweetened

Iced Coffee

Regular, Decaf, 

Hazelnut or French Vanilla

Small (20 oz.) $2.50

Large (32 oz.) $3.00