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If you don't see what you are looking for on our catering menu,
please talk to us...we can customize any order to suit your needs! 
Dave has experience preparing all sorts of cuisine!
It's no secret...the "secret" to a successful party
is the FOOD!

We are definitely a cut
above when it comes to our food and that includes our catering services.
Our customers and their guests
rave about the quality and taste of
our party heroes, platters,
hot entrees and desserts.
Let us cater your next event,
large or small...let us make you our next happy customer!


What if I can't decide what to order or how much to get?
We will work with you to help plan the perfect menu for your occasion based on your specific needs.  We know the right questions to ask!

How many people will a party hero feed?
People love our heroes, but a general rule of thumb is that each foot of hero will feed an average of 3-4 people.  However, it depends on whether you are offering other foods and if you are serving children, etc.

Can you give me an idea of how much hot food I will need?
Again, depending on what other foods you may be offering, or who you are    serving, or even the time of day, you should probably figure on a 1/2 pound to a pound of food per guest.

Do you take special requests?
We often get requests for foods we don't normally offer.  Dave is a trained chef, and if it is at all possible to fulfill your request we will be happy to do so.  You can be assured that your special order will reeceive the same attention to quality as our regular menu items.

Do you deliver?
We do not have a "delivery person", but you can request delivery.  We will be happy to deliver locally at no extra cost if we have the staff.  We have delivered to longer distances for a small fee.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we ask for a small deposit.  We will take orders over the phone, but ask you to come in with a deposit before the day we prepare your order.

Are there any other catering charges?
We charge a refundable deposit for the boards that hold the party heroes and for chafing rack setups for hot food, if needed.

How much advance notice do you need for an order?
We will do our best to accomodate last minute orders, but generally ask for two days notice, longer for large and/or special orders. 

Do you provide paper goods?
We can offer you basic paper goods, but if you would like to use the nicer quality table goods that are available, you'll need to purchase them separately.  There is a Party Hardy store next door to us.

Can I bring in my own baskets or serving dishes for you to use? Absolutely, as long as it fits!

What if I don't need the food to be hot when I pick it up?
No problem.  We can prepare your order so you can heat it up yourself.

Do you offer setting-up services?
Generally not.  We can set up chafing dishes and sternos, but if you need further assistance, we will need to discuss how else we may be able to help.

Do you offer cooking off-premises or a serving staff?
Again, generally not.  We occasionally make special arrangements for such services, but they need to be discussed and/or arranged far in advance.
Our heroes are a very popular choice...they are unquestionably the
best heroes you will ever taste.  We pack our heroes with five different meats, 
cheese, lettuce, tomato & dressing on delicious fresh baked bread.

We offer American, Italian, German & Kosher styles, or design your own.

    2 FOOT HERO...$29.95
          with salads...$42.95
    3 FOOT HERO...$44.95
            with salads...$62.95
    4 FOOT HERO...$59.95
            with salads...$82.95
    5 FOOT HERO...$74.94
            with salads...$102.95
    6 FOOT HERO...$88.95
            with salads...$121.95
 (heroes also available in letters & numbers)

   Ask about specialty heroes, such as our chicken cutlet,
mozzarella and roasted peppers combo...a favorite!
(Above combo is $18 per foot without salads, $24 per foot with salads.)

Unless otherwise requested, all heroes will be pre-cut for your convenience and will
include dressings on the side.  We personally recommend you ask for dressings to be put on the
bread.  We find it makes it easier to keep the pieces from falling apart, and it also improves
the flavor since most guests will not bother to put dressing on themselves.