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David Hennings is the owner and
founder of Edelweiss Delicatessen,
which opened in 1990.  It can be
truly said that Dave has been in the business since birth.  Dave's
parents came here from Germany
in the 1950's and opened their first store in Queens.  Now retired,
they were the original owners of several successful Long Island delicatessens still in operation
today.  Dave is a graduate
of the prestigious Johnson & Wales University Culinary Arts program.

We have a simple philosophy that separates
us from the rest...we are a delicatessen, not a deli.  

Our salads and entrees are entirely our own,
made fresh on the premises using our own special recipes.
The typical deli of today purchases most, if not all of their
foods pre-made in a bucket or frozen in a box.  They
may stack piles of cooked eggs in the corner of the grill
waiting for someone to order an egg sandwich.
At Edelweiss, it takes hours to make a batch of our famous potato salad.  We hand-batter chicken cutlets that we fillet ourselves with bread crumbs made in our own kitchen,
roll our own meatballs, and cook our own soups.
Even desserts like our delicious crumb cake and
rice pudding are made from scratch.
And our crazy-popular breakfast sandwiches are made
exactly to order, when they are ordered.

We have always used Boars Head Brand cold cuts,
a company well-known for their commitment to quality.
Our German specialty meats are provided by
Forest Pork Store in Huntington and Schaller & Weber.
We believe there is a right way and a wrong way to make something as simple as a sandwich.  It may take just a little
bit longer than those other delis for us to prepare
your order, but our customers are those who are not
willing to sacrifice quality and taste.
For more than a quarter of a century we
have upheld that standard.

What are "edelweiss"?

Edelweiss are small, white flowers that grow in the high elevations of the Alpine mountains.  It is a protected plant in Germany.
But don't just take our word...

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Kings Park, NY, is a terrific place to live and raise a family!
Dave and Monique enjoyed working in Kings Park so much, they decided to move here in 1995 when their first son was born.  This wonderful town has much to offer, including the beautiful Sunken Meadow State Park.  We encourage everyone to come and explore this gem on Long Island's North Shore.